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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, love rainy day, start from have a good inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-12
With the coming of summer, the north and in the rainy season, the street is filled with all kinds of umbrella, perhaps romantic rain moisten and stirred the imagination of people, all kinds of creative umbrella with mingled with signs of approaching rain comes. 。 。 。 。 。 Umbrella though not very valuable, but use frequency is high, the storm or cannot leave it. This, stylist designed a variety of different ideas of umbrella, let the rain become more beautiful, also have the big sun day to avoid direct sunlight! Have you prepared an umbrella, prepare for a rainy day? Creative and practical series soft umbrella handle this umbrella can fixed, is a red dot award winning design. An ingenious design work that USES flexible metal with antiskid rubber produced by umbrella umbrella handle, can be implemented by distorting the most perfect shape to suit to put and fixed. Through a curved piece, let users have more flexible way of use and good experience and interaction. Inverted umbrella strong waterproof, sunscreen, is the measure of a good umbrella, however if you have this experience: in closed umbrella water droplets along the way, if proves the possibility of a big fall in ceramic tile the ground! Such inverted umbrella can rely on the umbrella upright, firm structure and folding way of the whole umbrella upside down and make the umbrella skeleton moved to the outside of the umbrella, prevent wind blowing wet the surface will be receive in there, don't worry about wet clothes. After folded can be firmly on the ground directly! With this umbrella, it rains every day also don't don't happy! Professional security umbrella this umbrella designed anti stealing umbrella bandit, bring an umbrella handle locks! When you just enjoy the coffee out of the cafe, when you walked out of the convenience store shopping, whether met when it was raining heavily, you lovely small umbrella by unknown people take away? Don't worry about it, and see that the security umbrella, you no longer afraid of his own love umbrella was stolen. Energy saving umbrella umbrella drop put where? Water the flowers! In fact, there are a lot of things in life just need simple redesign, will have a big change. Like this our common flower pot, after a bit of creativity, can put the umbrella rainy day used inserted into the flowerpot, in addition to find a place for the umbrella, umbrella in the rain will flow to the bottom of the pot, let the roots of the plant get better absorb from pure natural moisture.
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