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by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-29
Inverted umbrella? What is a reverse umbrella? The name is very strange? Inverted umbrella is a new type of umbrella, umbrella skeleton, contrary to we now use the umbrella, this is the functional improvement of umbrella. This kind of 'reverse umbrella' wind resistance ability enhancement, will no longer afraid of being carried an umbrella blown over. Original double a speakerphone can stand and reverse car long handle new inverted umbrella rods customized advertising umbrella, let have a car you don't have to worry about rainy days make car wet a little, you also clean and tidy; The new reverse umbrella, let you do not drive in a crowded place, an umbrella is more convenient. When the umbrella after use, is wet side would charge in it, so you can take a dry umbrella, it can be your suitcase, wet clothes don't have to worry about. Inverted umbrella - Give you a sunny day of driving reverse umbrella is using reverse umbrella design, reduce the space needed for when you receive the umbrella, and at the same time ensure that the rain will not splash on the umbrella to the body. In fact, the invention is based on the use of traditional umbrella disadvantages to do reverse design, so called reverse umbrella, also called an umbrella or reverse folding umbrella. First of all, the traditional closed umbrella umbrella need enough space to fold, especially heavy rain day car is up and down so much inconvenience. Sile, sit in your car before you put away your umbrella, before closing the door, the car will get wet, also get wet, umbrella in on where the grass was wet, the rain drops. Moreover when the storm suddenly closed down an umbrella, it is easy to blow, umbrella suddenly gone. So too embarrassed to get off, need to open the door large enough to open the umbrella, an umbrella good man stood up, such as wet inside the door, people also get wet. Inverted umbrella do reverse design is based on this, when you receive the umbrella quickly opens the door to sit in, and then the door shut up only left arm thick aperture, umbrellas thumb gently press, umbrellas fold up, able to one side of your rain inside, so the rain is also receive inside, gently to recover the car, shut the door, and where is the umbrella by don't have to worry about rain drops everywhere. This innovative design called 'change 3000 years of experience in using an umbrella.
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