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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, solid and durable inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-28
Speaking of the weather in summer, it's heavy rain and high temperature taking turns, so a solid durable umbrella is necessary. But on the market of umbrella, there are two pain points: one is closed umbrella, umbrella is easy to drop in the body, and the car is not convenient. 2 it is not against strong winds, it is not applicable to this every now and then to the typhoon in guangdong. 。 。 Today, six son a brand to amway umbrella - — Yi xin inverted umbrella a few characteristics: a key way of automatic reverse charge is different from general umbrella, inverted umbrella, is to turn the inside of the dry surface outside. Operation is this: and don't have to manually close umbrella, click ok. This painting style novel operations are indeed surprised people is a little small. So took the umbrella becomes very simple, and not hinder to yourself and others. Reverse automatic umbrella, only to set aside a little space, the greatest degree will not get wet. More occasions, and people are more umbrella 'first. Reverse umbrella avoids this kind of embarrassment, tucked up an umbrella to take up the space above, is of little influence to the following people. This is the correct posture of closed umbrella. After collect umbrella umbrella cloth to loosen, also can put an umbrella stand. Open an umbrella, just pulled up. Glass fiber from the ordinary umbrella, made of stiff and heavy iron, but also easy to rust. Short for is and glass fiber, glass fiber, the umbrella has light weight and good elasticity. Wind performance is good, the whole umbrella light does not rust. Double umbrella surface weather amphibious double umbrella surface overlapping, more rain prevent bask in. High density high light resistance to water, umbrella cloth effectively block the rain infiltration. Ventilation holes on reducing turn umbrella why meeting? This is about the relationship between the velocity and pressure. ( Students with excellent grades automatically skip, Tony please stay) A small umbrella umbrella at the top of the air flow rate is fast, the pressure below the flow velocity is slow, strong pressure. Big pressure small, press, an upward force umbrella is doubled. The President also has turned from time to time this umbrella umbrella, inner increase ventilation, ventilation holes makes the lower velocity will be faster, reducing the doubled. Product parameters, 105 cm in diameter, can accommodate 2 ~ 3 people. Two color: blue and red lines ( Equipped with umbrella cover) Umbrella is finished, but will still rain, like Ding You long below qr code can buy right away! If Ding You think long umbrella inconvenient, here has a folded? Yi xin reverse automatic folding umbrella, Super strong wind) Automatic reverse the above model is closed to lu, this one and are just press the button. And it is also a reverse charge umbrella, can say is the upgrade of the fully automatic reverse umbrella. Prevent bask in upgrade to upgrade vinyl coating, UPF SPF & gt; 50. What is the meaning of UPF. Do you wear a dress, for example, the UPF 50. 1/50 of the ultraviolet ray, through clothes hurt your skin. Is this umbrella is prevented bask in ability is also very good. Sun umbrella common coating are black, silver glue, color glue, glue the strongest vinyl uv resistance. In order to reduce the area of the skin from ultraviolet radiation, umbrella face suggested that the bigger the better, the diameter of this umbrella is 104 cm, can accommodate 2 ~ 3 people, is big enough. Light color fabric is easier to absorb ultraviolet light, and the deeper the color umbrella surface, uv resistance, the better, the black deep enough!
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