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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella technology, inverted umbrella three major technological breakthroughs

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-27
Inverted umbrella three great technological breakthroughs 1, reverse umbrella broke the ordinary umbrella must be tucked down an umbrella branches of technical problems, reverse contraction can largely reduce the manual takes up space. 2, skeleton exposed human skeleton exposed is the perfect combination of human body engineering mechanics and supporting mechanics. The umbrella stand can be easy to shrink. 3, node node umbrella umbrella technology is through the control point scale and quantity in order to reduce the umbrella contraction of skeletal wear and greatly increase the service life of the umbrella. International top designers carefully designed as an aerospace engineer of him, for professional sensitive abrupt fantasy: could it be umbrella design what is the problem? Such as rain get in the car, he want to hide in the car again close umbrella, but no matter how you don't go in, can only be quickly closed umbrella, and then into a car, even if you to move quickly, also still want to shower. In the face of the shortcomings of traditional umbrella, Kazim sit still, using his knowledge of mathematics application and precision engineering knowledge, have a little free a detail calculation, design modification dozens of times at the both structure design and the choice of materials, a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder Kazim, a vivid interpretation of the word perfect. Experienced before and after two years, successfully developed the inverted umbrella appearance with traditional umbrella no big difference, the direction of the open and closed, and the traditional umbrella exactly the opposite, the principle of open, like the flowers in full bloom. Maybe it looks a bit odd but reasonably solved all the problems with hydrophobic fabrics and unique type help, do not need to worry about wet again important files or spoiling the maddening problems such as the floor. And windy day, the spokes of the fiberglass, can effectively against strong winds. Every detail after repeated deliberation, more excellence, exquisite craft of every piece of work is art worthy of scrutiny.
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