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Reverse umbrella, folding umbrella, inverted umbrella, this inverted umbrella do you like it!

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-17
Like a headset, as though you're the world. In open the umbrella when it's raining, as if have their own a piece of heaven and earth; If you can, of course, two people to cuddle up to each other under the same umbrella, staging a 'romantic singing in the rain', is also a pair of beautiful picture ~ in the description this umbrella how to perfect the content of, we can catch the several key points: bring into car umbrella, umbrella in the car outside, it is not a problem to fully bring into watertight, stick the umbrella in the rain can bring about complete income umbrella blown to deformation, one click restore the original state, however, after the notion of rendering generally is not credible, in order to verify this umbrella as well as the characteristics of real really so perfect? Life (test teams in the work of ordinary process, with an umbrella ~ umbrella surface touch water, in turn, lead to 'wet', we tested this umbrella 'stained with water ( Forgive me for newly invented word ~) 'As shown in figure, directly to the umbrella surface water, water droplets form is formed in the umbrella, along the umbrella down quickly. Illustrate the umbrella with 'water' is not high, water will not stay, basically will not result in a 'wet'. This umbrella in the car 'umbrella' the advantages of this scenario is its biggest highlight points, we gave it a common umbrella and compared: from the point of comparison, in this scenario, the inverted umbrella is more convenient, do not need to close the umbrella on the outside before entering the car, don't cause wet happens inside the car. Step 3 rainy day, take the things with your mobile phone on the road this scene is more and more people will encounter, we use a more intuitive way: believe that a lot of people like this umbrella handle design! Under the condition of the things in hand, can do not take up space, in the hands of a card on your wrist, do not delay to take other things or play a mobile phone. Step 4 of this umbrella handle besides not occupy the advantage in space, there is also a feature is: the umbrella in place or on the subway, you can direct the light in his hand bag hung on the handle. Step 5 in the last Step, is also the biggest pain points in our daily use umbrella: when entering the room, umbrella to receive and put the question. In the case of a normal rainy day, we entered the mall or the office, can together, the umbrella can also when the person is little, the water will not stick to others, the water will drop to the floor. If more people, the umbrella surface water will splash onto others. And with the inverted umbrella, enter indoor, reverse and umbrella stand on the ground directly, does not affect others, water will drip everywhere. Summary of the test was over, unfortunately, we failed to test to this umbrella in the wind is very big the performance of this scenario ( Although photography little elder brother said to take the umbrella jumped out from the second floor, was finally I hold down. 。 。 。 。 ) 。 In testing, we found this umbrella in the car or umbrella, umbrella enter indoor, such as many in the scene has huge advantage, indeed overturned before our imagination for umbrella, very convenient to use, so I recommend to you ~ right now
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