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Reverse umbrella, much, this umbrella! Reverse the opened the way for thousands of years of traditional umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-02
Much of this umbrella! Overturned the way for thousands of years of traditional umbrella open plum rains season rainy day of the rainy season is the most annoying not didn't carry an umbrella, but as long as the wind was brought an umbrella into the dog of course. 。 。 。 。 。 。 Friends care about most is a rainy day when getting on or off, want to hide in the car, and then closed umbrella, but no matter how you don't go in, can quickly closed umbrella, and then into the car, even if you again move quickly, always at the door was caught in the rain for a few seconds to hide all the rain, suddenly the feeling of wet is not great into the car and the wet umbrella like where are not appropriate, if you are careless again, right, that is likely to wet the essential things. Above problems are inevitable in order to solve this problem on rainy days make friends grace or reverse umbrella today give you recommend a car out of the car, the door open just a little space, people did not get off first open umbrella. Such a rainy day all reverse design reasonable to solve the problem, overturn 3500 history of umbrella small changes bring great convenience no matter at ordinary times, or drive, especially the rainy days are an integral part of the purchase or custom contact yi xin umbrella
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