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Reverse umbrella, rain artifact, inverted umbrella, recommend a few rain artifact - Inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-10
Yi xin jun brush face clock in this paragraph of time is enough, more than ten years did not drench the rain yi xin jun in late August but pour a great! Is now ready for all kinds of rain artifact, to withstand the storm suddenly attack. Come and look at what ever you use! A. A. Simple rain set Drysteppers imagine footgear dirty and wet with rain, is blue thin mushrooms. Fortunately, with rain sets the baby products, the company colleagues in ten have eight bought! After careful questioning 'user experience', decisive bought a few pairs, a pair of carry, who has a weakness for shoes for us! 2. Shoes rain spray before that, my home and company are equipped with the rain spray of shoes ( As the name implies, spray it will avoid shoes are dirty rain) However, durability is not too long, go out spray again or can cope with. 3. Magic inverted umbrella just when it comes to rearview mirror spray, think of the bus umbrella with some difficulty, also makes the arm caught in the rain outside the body. At this time to recommend artifact - — Inverted umbrella! The reverse charge umbrella ( Face wet adduction) , don't worry about the umbrella will card in the car door. This is our favorite rain gear, already beautiful and easy, really is the artifact in the rain! Four. Motorcycle rain artifact since when it comes to the car, could not help but recommend now In Thailand and Vietnam, fame of 'Made In China' rain artifact. Because the weather is very hot, the local people and keen to ride a motorcycle, especially in the rainy season, but also can be seen everywhere. Thailand price reached 500 - 600 baht/a, but Thailand transportation hall from the perspective of safety warning: the canopy equipment as part of the modified motorcycle behavior, has certain security hidden danger, the driver is required to submit legal documents. Five. Waterproof suggestion portable folding bucket of the portable folding bucket must prepare a at home or office. In addition to receive a small object, you can also put the wet umbrella in, lest flyblown floor rain. Join with inverted umbrella, however, this is when we don't recommend, for the inverted umbrella away is outer layer is dry, absolutely don't have to worry about dirty floor yo ~ or more interested in, can be in quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. , search, product style a lot yo, really very practical!
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