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Reverse umbrella, science knowledge of inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-11
Inverted umbrella also more and more popular these days. But you know how much to the knowledge of the inverted umbrella? Today I will give you knowledge of the reverse under the science umbrella. Inverted umbrella is from the UK plate KAZ Designs team design, it is through the reverse charge to reduce the user when you receive the umbrella umbrella need space, at the same time also can ensure that the rain will not get the user. The inverted umbrella was developed in 2015, and formally put into production at the end of the year. This umbrella three big advantages are: 1, reformed the traditional closed umbrella umbrella when need a large space, especially when get on the bus, did not get on the car first wet; 2, reformed the traditional folded up after the rain rain dripping everywhere, is wet facing out, and often easy to wet clothing and files; 3, reformed the traditional umbrella umbrella when the storm is easy to blow against people suddenly wet awkward situation. Inverted umbrella is holding a rainy day 'wet' not ideal to research and development products, yi xin has inverted umbrella umbrella manufacturer patent number. More information can contact: guo R.
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