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by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-20
Believe there are a lot of people have experience: the wind is easy to be blown over the umbrella in the hand; Get on closed umbrella, total body was dripping of rain wet; If a portable weight, another hand must be the handgrip. Is there a artifact can solve these problems? Reverse umbrella now launched on the market, on the basis of common umbrella improved not only can hold the umbrella people through C glyph umbrella handle to free hands, use also has the following advantages: one, with a minimum of space open, only need a small car door can open closed umbrella; Get to the destination after stroke, can achieve the advanced door closed umbrella again. Second, the subversion of traditional design, don't have to worry about the umbrella wet clothes. Three, as long as the rainy day can be complete liberation hands ( His umbrella can hold children, playing with mobile phones, carrying shopping bags) 。 Four, the material is good, and need to be printed on the surface of the umbrella is also can make for you, so you have the publicity effect. In what technology breakthrough inverted umbrella? One, in the opposite direction to open umbrella unique inverted umbrella umbrella surface contraction technology, breaking the action technical problems of ordinary umbrella, reverse contraction can be narrowed to a great extent when you receive the umbrella takes up space. Second, skeleton exposed technology humanization design to the human body engineering mechanics and supporting mechanics together well, make the umbrella can easily put freely. Three nodes, umbrella technology by controlling the contraction ratio and quantity to reduce shrinkage umbrella umbrella stand wear and tear, increase the service life of the umbrella. Four, tuyere inner air leakage processing design, real let umbrella stronger wind resistance ability is worse. Using reverse umbrella unexpectedly there are so many benefits
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