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Reverse umbrella, umbrella, against the world or your

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-19
How many slogans can let you forget to remember, and in many years later, give you a keyword, you can fall back such as flow, which is a kind of charm. May we didn't go to eat, used, through, but we can know what it is, we began to take stock below, aftertaste once again at the beginning that a little fun together. Brain platinum new slogan: 'you eat ten days I pay! You eat ten days I pay! 'Is the temptation of naked promotion, keen on gaining petty advantages you may go, but this message, can't remember. This year's slogan: the holidays don't accept a gift, gift only accept brain platinum filial piety my parents this year, this year my parents don't accept a gift gift also brain platinum, gift only accept brain platinum gifts and this year? This gift is brain platinum, brainwashed so far to forget, you said it's hard enough. Or: milk tea I tell you, that moment it really enough fire, but can't fire, fire years sold more than seven hundred million cups, connected to two laps around the earth, but I may be in it's three times around the time to buy a cup of. Then remember, well, buy milk tea is great. One is love HuaShi bags: let's not speak LV, chanel and other big-name, the temperament of general slogan of big shop sign also too tall, costly language, generally is of rich connotation, the average person see to understand not remember, so we talk about our little brand love HuaShi: hold the world is you! That is the point: the brace, the world is you. Will only a little, can hold an umbrella, so why is the opposite, right! Is inverted umbrella, their support, the world is you, what the hell, that is a ghost, enough originality, overturning traditions, make some new tricks, will be different. The inverted umbrella picture new: looks like; Yes, I also feel very beautiful, have a very smart, it won't be the main speak characteristics, speak more than a little advertising, so just tell you, the inverted umbrella really different, in the umbrella didn't words, creativity is from manufacturing: ( Yi xin) 。
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