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Reverse umbrella, umbrella, double deck cloth, 'reverse' umbrella, wind and rain all not afraid

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-26
Summer rain is always come so suddenly so fast, heavy rain pouring down the feeling the rain god blues and come to our city. In this day, even if wet umbrella also hard to avoid can be ~ today is to share a strange umbrella - — The reverse umbrella. It overturns the traditional umbrella, umbrella was backward, hold up is probably like this. Such: what benefits do the inverted umbrella, was not afraid of the wind turn ~ just need to press the open button of umbrella, can make the umbrella restorable. Convenient into car umbrella, not afraid of wet because of the umbrella is reverse, umbrellas to receive the umbrella when it is not easy to wet by rain. Especially in closed umbrella, can give full play to the benefits of it ~ and inverted umbrella wrap wet the surface of water in it, after receive the umbrella is not worried about the rain to get wet elsewhere. The use of safe, not afraid to poke people's traditional umbrella umbrellas when it is easy to poke into someone, and a different way to open an umbrella, even if it's two in the fear of accidentally oh ~ really hands free umbrella handle design it into C type, rainy days to take an umbrella when not laborious oh ~ especially now the people are mobile phone party, rainy days also can make double hand look at mobile phone ~ umbrella cloth, waterproof effect good reverse umbrella also equipped with double high density of umbrella cloth, effectively prevent the rain infiltration oh ~ there are many styles for your choice, with it, a rainy day to go out more comfortable oh ~ like this inverted umbrella classmate, you can contact our customer service, to buy oh ~
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