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Reverse umbrella, umbrella, in more than one way to open

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-01
An umbrella with tended to walk on the road, according to the wind changes support method, finally arrived home, a closed umbrella, still get wet! When driving rain, the heart is also very collapse, open umbrella, umbrella is difficult to avoid get wet, if the rain is big, may be into a drowned rat! Closed down the umbrella wet a man's, on the car seat, seat is wet, on the car mat, they may also grow bacteria! Today we recommend you a let all these problems become cloud umbrella! It is this: Amrzzi armagh pose a speakerphone reverse umbrella! Be curious about what is inverted umbrella? Let's take a look at it opened the way, just know what is going on! Resorts to open an umbrella in the crowd, don't worry can stick to the people. Hop on and off on a rainy day, as long as the car open a crack, can easily open the umbrella and umbrella, stem dry can get on the bus. Because is inverted umbrella, so it can be to collect rainwater inside, don't worry about the seat wet! Due to the reverse umbrellas, wind is great! Combined with glass fiber made from bone and ability to resist high winds absolute leverage drops! If it is not enough, the ventilation holes, also can reduce the wind pressure! More original C a speakerphone handle, holding the umbrella also can do other things! This umbrella looks good! Such a let you go out on a rainy day, not only does not fear the rain drenched, closed umbrella, umbrella you is also a focus in the crowd is city yi xin
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