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Reverse umbrella, umbrella, in the rain, you are so different

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-25
【 It's raining again, good trouble 】 Believe that this is a lot of people, if it is to work during the rain also good, if in case of rain while going off work can have bit of trouble. By bus or subway, the car will be packed with people, with a wet umbrella will put the wet clothes are not careful, they may also get wet clothes and shoes of others, it will not so good! Now there is a feedback is good enough to reverse the umbrella might reduce this problem. Reverse the umbrella? What kind of umbrella, and other umbrella have what different? Said simple point, is in the closed umbrella, it won't get wet a man's outer Lou in the outside, but put the wet side of inside, you touch is the lining of the clean, so when you have an umbrella, it will not be contaminated by dirty water. When you are in one hand and a umbrella, a hand, just a phone call at this moment, you will put down the things to pick up the phone in his hand. Again or is that you want to play the mobile phone, but with one hand holding a mobile phone doesn't feel well, if you hold is a reverse umbrella, will happen in both cases, because it is C type of handle design, type a speakerphone, need to use our hands, just put his hand on the C type bracelet, free hands, want to do is very simple. Both hands carrying things you want to play mobile phone, it can help you solve this problem! This umbrella is also have a kind of necessary article, traditional umbrella umbrella way is to first accept umbrella to get on the bus, car brings a lot of inconvenience, and inverted umbrella that broke the traditional umbrella umbrella model, can get on the car first, then closed umbrella, car so as not to wet body, unnecessary damage to the car. It combines many advantages in one umbrella, don't you want to have?
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