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Reverse umbrella, umbrella, inverted umbrella, the characteristics of the inverted umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-19
The traditional umbrella, wet umbrella surface on the outside, after enter indoor, wet wet umbrella surface will indoor ground plate; The umbrella is attached to the clothes will be wet clothes; Up and down the door, the traditional umbrella is tucked inside, be stuck Carmen, splashed water onto the clothes get wet, and it's annoying is not convenient. Yi xin inverted umbrella toppled generally when you receive the umbrella, umbrella cloth outside layer model, see the guest's wet waterlogging waterlogging inverted umbrella rain will be receive them in close up, can you touch is clean inside. Yi xin is inverted umbrella self-opening umbrella, compared with general umbrella, you must manually close up, when it is put on the design of a button, pressure to push generations, than traditional self-opening umbrella saving a lot of right, and super fast action. Umbrella design is one of the purchase consideration point, this kind of umbrella umbrella bone is lotus, let the wind capacity strengthening. Umbrella handle is hexagonal, choose electric iron as the material, not easy corrosion. The umbrella surface material and the design is to choose with eyes wide open! Yi xin design of the umbrella is good: double touch attack cloth with high density, can prevent water balance UV resistant, rainy or burning sun pawn, could give thoughtful protection. Its high strength umbrella head, so that it can stand on the ground, without the need for extra umbrella stand or umbrella barrel. Yi xin backward compared with the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional umbrella umbrella advantages - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 年代1。 Traditional umbrella umbrella need large space, get in the car before you accept an umbrella, wet before get on the bus; Yi xin inverted umbrella can reduce the umbrella you need space, suitable for small space and the car. 2, the traditional closed umbrella umbrella, umbrella industry legacy of rain water splashed everywhere, accidentally will get wet body, and yi xin inverted umbrella of reverse design is to ensure that the umbrella on the rain will not get wetland board, carpet, etc. 3. The storm weather traditional umbrella are easy to be blown over the top, umbrella stand easy broken, yi xin reverse umbrella open umbrella, to adduction, not easily blown over the top. 4. Traditional umbrella stand open outward, umbrella bead are easy to slide hurt people around. Yi xin inverted umbrella, reverse open umbrella, won't encounter people around, to open an umbrella is more secure. Disadvantages 1. Yi xin inverted umbrella as emerging design public awareness is not high, part of the group to this kind of new products may also have resistance. 2. A loophole in the patent protection in China is very big, easy to let other competitors enter the market, its customers are easy to shunt part. The machine will be 1. Yi xin inverted umbrella as a new product to a certain extent, is also its machine, its design make up for the deficiency of the traditional umbrella, with the characteristics of traditional umbrella without deed in the user's needs. 2. Similar umbrella has yet to appear on the market, yi xin an umbrella, broke the traditional old umbrella, unique personality, high profit, for the majority of consumers to provide better personalized demand, also more can reflect a kind of fashion.
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