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Reverse umbrella, umbrella manufacturer, paradoxically, is different

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-18
Circle of friends recently was an umbrella refresh, a British uncle overturned my cognition of umbrella. It is one of the most popular 2017 inverted umbrella, also called the umbrellas, open and fold umbrella and the traditional way on the contrary, like a blooming flower. Maybe it looks a little strange, but it is so bold design perfect solved all the problems. Rainy days out, one umbrella in the car, just a little bit of gap can open open umbrella umbrella, so it can keep the car to a great extent and dry. Thanks to this design, we are in the closed umbrella, hand touch the side there is no rain, so that you can guarantee the clothes and floor clean. So convenient and practical a KAZbrella umbrella abroad for about 45 pounds, about 370 yuan, suddenly remind of, do not know everything on taobao to have reverse umbrella, the results do not search do not know, with a shock, taobao sell crazy. . What is called the hell, if I'm not who the hell blogger embrace this mindset bought one on the Internet. The umbrella size moderate, modest 1 - 2 people no problem at all. Umbrella can be inverted, so eat something, an umbrella on the side is very convenient. C type rubber umbrella handle, can free hands, rubber paint grip feel is good, add cent. Double umbrella cloth, prevent bask in heat insulation effect is better, umbrella frame in the middle of the double umbrella cloth, pops the dalai! Overall: very creative an umbrella, solve a lot of awkward predicament on rainy days, the minimum space is getting on or off, keep dry inside the car, closed umbrella wet wet shoes, the umbrella handle can sell. If you want to experience the can contact the factory to do the umbrella, they do umbrella quality is quite good.
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