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Reverse umbrella, umbrella, the effect of inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella, wet girl to save

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-01
Though the summer is a enthusiastic sister always into teeth every day in the sun but not hungry girl also have sad sad if this summer sister make up the tears of emotion to the rolling but bring endless wet a little excited mood some more of the rainy season will be thunder and lightning, blowing at that time people can suffer the high winds and heavy thought carries an umbrella in the rain, a concave shape can be elegant goddess results bettered in the wind and rain have to go all the way to keep the upper part of the body is dry but every time at the instant of the closed umbrella, wet and rainy days there is always a kind of embarrassing that umbrella is greater than the door Lao tze bleak in the wind and rain umbrella to close to the door on rainy days still have a kind of awkward call charge umbrella first, then get on the car if you drive 1 million suvs, will sigh because of can't keep dry all of this 3000 years always muddle along with the problems their umbrella is wet, no one will come to solve it for me? Have rainy days to keep the body dry steel to quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD launched yi xin inverted umbrella to solve the problem of solving the historical finally umbrella of personality/get on the bus this time can be advanced house more closed umbrella reverse switching from one second to forget to close the umbrella and wet as what rain, sunny day can let users to become a kind of elegant scenery is the mission of an umbrella double yi xin inverted umbrella umbrella cloth has a strong sense of mission on the first layer of plain ultra-thin high density sunny umbrella cloth sunscreen insulation, cool and refreshing and comfortable rainy day is not easy to water, dry and travel the second impact of design and color cloth to tight uniform high quality waterproof cloth in the water that is open, can be a good waterproof and it's all about umbrella of comfortable elegant is that still a character under reverse umbrella its umbrella USES glass fiber, plastic resin, iron material, which is a mixture of solid and durable, not easy to break as how the wind is still blowing sister was repeatedly with a firm position when the summer rain season you're falling outside the car unable to extricate oneself is in the closed wet umbrella story heard with yi xin inverted umbrella on a rainy day worthy of oh no wet, is an umbrella to the correct way of using the Google 'quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD. ' or login sites don't open wet life romantic rainy season
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