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by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-26
Introduced a new umbrella on market, its name is inverted umbrella, you know to be able to have the reverse design of inverted umbrella! Introduced a new umbrella on market, its name is inverted umbrella, how much can you know? Rainy days use don't have to worry about a man's umbrella surface wet clothes wet. Do the reverse charge umbrella, rainy days use don't have to worry about a man's umbrella surface wet clothes wet. Direction of portable umbrella, sunny day with a valid block ultraviolet light, rainy days don't get wet body; The use of material sources each big factory, can choose when buying printing ( The content of the simple or complex) , businesses use can bring more traffic, as for the price is very favourable. Let's explain inverted umbrella really so useful? The typhoon season, we will usher in rounds of continuous rain, I want to say to the rain, although you are from heaven! You destroyed my appointment, destroyed my shape! The rain was dripping wet my car! And my body! The rain into the car and probably with bacteria, let my car to produce different taste! I have artifact oh handsome! It is next to the heavy rain will not wet to car magic umbrella! It 'never wet the opposite direction of the umbrella, reduce the space when you receive the umbrella. And when using, umbrella cloth like flowers. Drop and very practical? This is a creative and practical both umbrella. One is the inverted umbrella surface shrinkage, largely narrowed. Second, skeleton exposed technology, allows the umbrella stand to shrink. Three is a node from technology, can reduce the shrinkage of umbrella umbrella wear and greatly increase the service life of the umbrella. Four is handle C type design, umbrella can also take a shopping bag. 'May 4th' minimum space is open, just small car door can open umbrella, skeleton exposed technology and easily, node from technology. Six is to increase the service life of the umbrella, tuyere design, stronger ability to resist wind. Seven is convenient to carry, can use, rain or shine outdoors is a good helper. Eight is to use can complete liberation hands ( His umbrella can hold children, playing with mobile phones, carrying shopping bags) 。 9 in case of need to print advertising, on the surface of the umbrella so that it has the propaganda effect. It is double umbrella surface structure, won't make the rain infiltration. Away and would not wet interior space. On the basis of reverse umbrellas in the umbrella! Look more cool at the same time, also has a super practical design! How can take things with phone while umbrellas? Inverted umbrella design concept pay attention to safety! Say so many people is to have a new understanding of reverse umbrella. Can hold rain oh ~ for him easily fix everything! But remember to see the road!
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