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Reverse umbrella, umbrella you haven't heard of the OUT

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-15
Let's take a look at is the reverse of how to open the umbrella, the following graph: open the direction of the fold, with general umbrella is different, a bit like flowers bloom. The smallest space opening and closing: this umbrella is absolutely drive people of the Gospel, inverted umbrella can be open with the least amount of space. Rain receive: inverted umbrella because of its unique petals type opening and closing, plus waterproof fabrics, the rain will be receive. Prevent wet things: as long as the head is good, the rain will not wet the car easy to open and close: items the crowd in a crowded, also can be open and close the least amount of space. Inverted umbrella largely solved the shortcomings of ordinary umbrella, umbrella of open and close direction change, can be so convenient, really is a bit of 'subversion'. xie
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