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Safety reflective tape umbrella, rounded umbrellas, safety reflective tape umbrella, travel at night

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-14
Friends is sometimes rainy night out is not particularly feel safe? Especially for a little walk in the dark street, particularly worried about the car or other people can't see an umbrella to walk you. Yi xin now launch safety reflective tape umbrella, professional escort for your safety travel, paragraphs in adults and children all have, so what are the safety reflective tape, umbrella umbrella style? 1. 30 'eight large bone umbrella surface resistance to storm the golf umbrella, all fiber skeleton super durable; 2. 21 inch 8 bone thirty percent hand open super easy dry umbrella, a second can receive in bags; 3. 19 inch six bone children easy to push and pull security rounded umbrellas. Yi xin you know this company? Please let us to introduce to you. Yi xin is a focus on research and development, design, production and processing of umbrella umbrella factory, the product specification is complete, the design is novel and diverse. Is currently involved in intelligence, charging treasure, inverted umbrella umbrella, umbrella color umbrella, umbrella, folding umbrella, golf umbrella, fillet rods, children umbrella, gift umbrella advertising umbrella and so on. Yi xin always adhere to the 'concentric, with force, with their peers, to win' business philosophy, is committed to professional design, production, sales, do the umbrella industry benchmarking, friends for the general customers to provide quality umbrella and service, need to find yi xin custom gift umbrella umbrella.
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