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Semi-automatic folding umbrella, folding umbrella, umbrella, thirty percent is semi-automatic folding umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-23
Every family has an umbrella, straight rod, folding, is according to be fond of buying all kinds of patterns. Now we will talk about the folding umbrella, for everyone is familiar with thirty percent folding umbrella, and is a manual, do you think semiautomatic umbrella is long handle umbrella sample. Today we recommend a semi-automatic folding umbrella, umbrella handle button and is the most important parts of folding umbrella, umbrella surface button to open one click fast, not caught in the rain the sun, but not shrink, need a hand. Nowadays people travel in order to convenient to carry the bag has played a semi-automatic folding umbrella, rain or shine uncertain weather in particular. Because during the tech, 'semi-automatic' are present in everyday life, semi-automatic car gradually change now, so let's have a semi-automatic folding umbrella umbrella industry.
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