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Semi-automatic long handle umbrella, long handle umbrella, an umbrella + two = one of the world

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-22
For the innovation and design of self-opening umbrella at home and abroad, there are many, for example: semi-automatic long umbrella, umbrella, twenty percent thirty percent umbrella, umbrella fifty percent. Go out with a long umbrella in rainy weather is reassuring, because the size of the long handle umbrella is generally larger than the size of the folding umbrella, umbrella and skeleton more strong, stronger ability to resist the wind and rain effect is better, and according to the different scenarios, people are now designed, manual closed automatic open umbrella, manually open automatic long umbrella, or even fully automatic automatic open ended long handle umbrella, offers great convenience to people life. In today's rapid development of science and technology, our innovation is embodied in various aspects of articles for daily use, automatic long handle umbrella is the embodiment of the scientific and technological innovation, brought a lot of convenience to our life and fun. With the development of The Times and the progress of science and technology, the color of the umbrella, style design is becoming more and more rich, the fabric is more and more exquisite, with different clothing, different season, different environment, has a variety of purposes, but long umbrella has been active in front of people, is the mood? Classic? Is just because it is more practical, bring us more sense of security. Long handle automatic umbrellas is mainly composed of an umbrella head, umbrella, umbrella stick, umbrella handles, seemingly simple, but gather the wisdom and sweat of the generation after generation. Long handle automatic umbrella fabric generally use high-density cloth by a lighting strike, which makes its waterproof performance compared with other umbrella style is very good. Umbrella skeleton and flexibility, excellent rod is usually used in glass fiber material, easy to deal with storm, typhoon weather with he is able to give you a full sense of security.
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