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Several process of golf umbrella marketing research

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-24
Golf umbrella several process golf umbrella sales marketing research survey is a cluttered and detailed operation, demand detailed and careful plan in advance. Company as long as reasonable arrangement of marketing research program, make a marketing research assignment order and high efficiency, prevent time and money wasted talent, to obtain the desired sales results. Golf umbrella marketing research process can be divided into the following four processes. ( A) Clear investigation policy this is the first step on the golf umbrella marketing research plan. Contains the definition of golf umbrella marketing research question, clear requirements gathering material, formulated to deal with the question, if marketing research questions define understand, materials needed to clear clarity. Can accurately clarify to deal with the questions, and make marketing research work target, clear direction. In general. Concluded that sales of golf umbrella intention survey can be divided into three period, first explore and discover the questions existing in advertising activities; Second, find out on the basis of the discussion questions, put forward some assumption of conclusion and policy; The third through started selling investigation research and analyze, to verify the feasibility of assume that title, concluded that sales of golf umbrella investigation policy ( 2) Develop a plan of marketing research concluded that investigation policy in the future, will be proposed detailed golf umbrella sales survey plan. Marketing research project is the guide of golf umbrella investigation must all detailed, there can be a little bit of omission. Marketing research plan first contains the content of the marketing research day the theme at the end of the judges, straightening of target designation, survey address selection and spreading, and investigators survey division of labor, rules, no way of using plan, investigation, questionnaire, survey target of sampling plan ( Include content such as scale, method, procedure and amount) , the research progress of arrangement, survey budget accounting, etc. This is golf umbrella in marketing research and messy process, the plan of the detailed, strong operability. ( 3) Investigation, collecting materials after sales survey plan drawn up, the investigators will demand in line with strict, careful and detailed mood according to set goals and plans, hidebound, plans, processes to execute, ability makes get really follow and perform marketing research plan. In the process of marketing research, demand for a lot of manpower, financial and material resources to assist to handle the harmony, and also will face many questions, demand in the performance of the process, thus good arrangement, control and supervision work is important to ensure that the golf umbrella survey performed smoothly.
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