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Share the umbrella, shenzhen metro, the spate of typhoon makes me want to give shenzhen umbrella some praise

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-13
When summer arrives, will set off a 'agitation', a barrage of typhoon let you meet with, recently, affected by the typhoon, the weather bureau are working, and reporting it will rain 'in the future for nearly two hours,' one moment, or beautiful, sunny, the next seconds it was raining heavily, pouring rain, can say is to give you a small-scale operations. Didn't carry an umbrella in the children's shoes are suffer. However, for the convenience of citizens to travel, but also try, the way recently launched a free sharing an umbrella in subway station, cause people's consistent high praise. When passengers need an umbrella, just need to find the subway security personnel responsible for the special channel, demand to borrow an umbrella, in the subway staff under the guidance of register code. If use you will need to register for the first time, scan the qr code on the umbrella binding, binding after a successful show me borrow umbrella vouchers to staff, can take an umbrella. Is very convenient, very close? Borrow good also, borrow it is not hard to again, need to have an umbrella, find the subway is responsible for the special channel security personnel to also umbrella, under the guidance of the staff code can be also an umbrella. Staff said that people use a Shared umbrella can use 15 days, longest overdue will not be blacklisted. Here is about the umbrella, umbrella is also a national umbrella manufacturing base, is famous for its excellent quality and good service, by domestic and foreign some retailers, retail brand dealer's consistent high praise. Umbrella like free sharing an umbrella on the subway, we want customers want, quality and service is our basic survival.
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