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Since open, thirty percent to thirty percent since the open umbrella, automatic open umbrella, thirty percent to thirty percent since the open umbrella give you different enjoy

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-25
Every family will have an umbrella inside, and more than a pair of, straight rod, folding, is according to individual be fond of buying all sorts of design. Thirty percent since the open closed umbrella special is single hand can automatically open, provide more convenience for people. Usually we may not pay attention to your use of the umbrella is a few bone, but most sold on the market of umbrella is 8 bone, which thirty percent since open umbrella umbrella is 10 bone, that it increases the umbrella wind resistance, including umbrella stand is also using the wind resistance design, let people walking in the rain or the bank of China is more stable. Ordinary umbrella met xiao yu may not be rain, but are not sure when the heavy rain, which the large umbrella umbrella surface can accommodate 3 people, can make you walking in the rain is not wet, including your back pack. Sunny sun sun, rain and rain, so a good an umbrella is city yi xin
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