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Small umbrella, umbrella, beach umbrella, umbrella exactly why not when the umbrella?

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-01
One to the rainy day, the whole body of negative energy is larger than that of rheumatism to quasi - — Get up at the gas! Don't want to work anxiety! Crowding in to can't breathe! Behind fidgety, perhaps just because you less a beauty be bored with of little umbrella oh ~ note that make you say is a small umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, after all, there is a difference between - — Umbrella is basic to say with the sun umbrella umbrella the biggest difference lies in the fabric of umbrella, umbrella sunscreen because of the above umbrella sun protection coating added specially, so a lot of people use the umbrella to shade, was nothing compared to effect ~ umbrella, umbrella is more light easy to carry, although looks very simple low-key, necessary, gentleman walked with such an umbrella in the rain, it is not gentleman ~ from the snow in winter in such an umbrella is super romantic ~ kip hop straight rod umbrella children lovely babies, of course, also want to have a lovely umbrella ~ the modelling of small animals, lovely scenery ~ with this baby with an umbrella, the children will be like rainy days go out new feeling! Suggestion: the place where more rain and snow have a portable umbrella oh ~ sunshade, focus is prevented bask in production more than the fabrics of sunshade umbrella fine, sunshade could not for the rain. Black thirty percent lemon parasol umbrella, tried to umbrella is not equal to the universal umbrella most sold commercially umbrella, wind and rain also will also be able to shine, umbrella with sun and rain of the two big functions, convenient ~ Senz what high-end umbrella on the darling of the Paris fashion week, fashion design IF Oscar award, strong wind resistance, also is really cool to no friend ~ blunt sunshade umbrella of the reflecting surface is very big, inside with black coating on the shade was quite good, through the wind tunnel test, the alternative green umbrella oh ~ Japan stripe at first glance, it is very refreshing, is an umbrella, not only, and especially from the light steel frame for for girls to use won't have any burden to the mountain, Miyama) Capsule super mini umbrella, umbrella only the weight of 180 g, is lighter than iPhone7, summer can easily into your bag, like concise style of girls can choose I think single is prevented bask in this regard, fit in with the uv light is not very strong qiu dong season ~ umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, there is a different, you children don't get anywhere a small umbrella
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