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Summer heat relief artifact-capsule umbrella you must know

Summer heat relief artifact-capsule umbrella you must know


With the gradual warming of the global climate, there are more than half of the sunny days in the south of the year, and more and more people have to hold up umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. In the past, everyone was lazy and wanted to go out simply and without burden. Now everyone pays more attention to protecting themselves, even if they have to hold an umbrella all the time, they are willing.

Moreover, now that people’s living standards are gradually improving, more and more people will choose to take their family or friends out to play together during holidays, and in the hot summer, they can’t just rely on sunscreen and other skin care products to protect themselves. An umbrella can still play a very important role.

mini capsule umbrella

On a higher level, a good-looking and easy-to-use umbrella is particularly important. If this umbrella has a storage function at the same time, only a small one is left, and it can be carried in a bag. A sense of weight, who would not like it?

This summer, you must have an capsule umbrella, that is, the 50% off rain and rain capsule fruit print umbrella, so that you will have a sweet and good mood throughout the summer.

This umbrella is themed with fruits, and uses colorful colors. The fruit prints are real and look very appetizing. It can satisfy everyone's desire for cool summer. Limes, avocados, yellow lemons, and peaches are all full of summer breath.

From the outside, it is enough to make people feel good, so if you know its function, I believe you will fall in love with it.

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1. For a good umbrella, the sun protection function is especially important. The capsule umbrella fabric of this umbrella is dense and thick, with good light resistance and heat resistance. Five-layer thickening, waterproof layer, vinyl layer, vinyl solidified layer, densely woven fabric, 3D dyeing, play a role in heat insulation and cooling. Among them, the vinyl layer is a kind of anti-ultraviolet fabric. Its biggest feature is that it has no peculiar smell and prevents ultraviolet rays from harming human skin.

Before the umbrella was put on the market, it had been tested many times. The UV intensity under 0 protection in the sun was compared with the UV intensity under the umbrella. We can clearly see that the UPF value under the umbrella is greater than 50+, can block UVA powerfully.

capsule umbrella price

mini capsule umbrella

2. Umbrella stand: The soul of an umbrella is its skeleton. Whether it is durable or not is directly proportional to its quality. In windy and rainy weather, we often see umbrellas blown over on the street. People who hold umbrellas are often overwhelmed by sudden situations and get wet. 

This capsule umbrella, because of its particularity, is a rain or rain umbrella, so it is necessary to choose a light and windproof umbrella stand. The metal umbrella stand has strong wind resistance and is more solid and durable, even in windy weather. , Don’t be afraid that the umbrella will be blown over and cause messy scenes in the wind.

mini capsule umbrella

3. Size: The most surprising thing about this umbrella is its size, which is usually called a capsule umbrella. The opened diameter is 95cm and the opened height is 54cm, but the thickness of the umbrella is 6cm and the height is only 19cm. Small but precise is its biggest feature, weighing only 275 grams including the waterproof box. The waterproof case is the same as the glasses case. It has a zipper design. The umbrella is stowed and put in. It is convenient and simple. It can be put in a bag indoors or in a car without getting clothes or car seats wet.

capsule umbrella price

4. There are more details, umbrella handle, umbrella tail, buckle, etc. All the structures constitute a perfect umbrella. Every detail cannot be ignored, and every structure is indispensable.

If you are still hesitant and don't know how to choose, then this capsule umbrella will be a good choice for you. In summer, it needs to be refreshing and cool, which makes people very pleasant and open, not dull. The bright-colored umbrella cloth pattern will give everyone a refreshing feeling in the sultry summer.

capsule umbrella

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