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Sun umbrella, summer travel, on which all prevent bask in

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-17
Before the rainy season in June, a second exposure, and heavy rain, the next second umbrella become essential in many summer bag. Of course, in addition to the rain, a lot of beautiful lady, for umbrella with uv protection requirements. So, do you have special to buy a sun umbrella? Whether or not with sunscreen, a hat, wearing sun-protective clothing, walking in the street, scorching sun on her skin seems to always let people do not have a sense of security. Summer travel in addition to physical sunscreen, you need a more can help you resist ultraviolet uv protection umbrella index can be up to 99%! Since we want to carry an umbrella, of course, only sun is certainly not enough, it is still very light and portable yi xin professional directional research, also provide OEM custom umbrella, ODM can spot wholesale; Welcome to map incoming sample custom;
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