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Sun umbrella, the goddess will into the magic - - - - - - - Super light feathers sun umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-26
Super light feathers with umbrella in the world the lightest umbrella for girls to go out in summer is the sun umbrella, sun umbrella or too big now, or is too heavy, or sunscreen is not professional, as you recommend you try this light as a feather of the sun umbrella, you will only be used with it. Is not only a sun umbrella, is also a umbrella. Professional waterproof fabric, no water seepage, lotus leaf effect, a jilt dry. So a advantages of sun umbrella, if out of 100 points, we only give it a 99 points. Why? One of the remaining points is that it receives, unlike ordinary self-opening umbrella, receive need to manually, but this does not hinder it become a will enter the sunscreen umbrella. Interested can contact the manufacturer:
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