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Super strong wind rods umbrella, level a appearance and strength of umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-27
The weather in June is so magical, one minute or the sun is shining and the next minute you can be the storm! This year the rain can't pack years? Many parts of today's going to rain, although rain can cooling has soared, but the rainy day is not convenient, some people hate rainy days. But if people have a good umbrella, isn't it wouldn't be so upset? The eight bone strengthening, strong wind resistance rods umbrella, classic plain style combined with real wood handle, reveal dining style, simple and stable! ! Using water proof quick-drying cloth, fine fiber fabric woven with high density, through water proof coating processing, a jilt dry! Don't worry about the umbrella wet wet the car or home. Solid, don't have to worry about embroidery corrosion! A appearance level and strength of umbrella!
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