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The advantage of golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella, golf umbrella is introduced

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-23
Is a special golf umbrella, mainly to have the waterproof, sunscreen, windproof effect. Now the mainstream is double umbrella, because the golf umbrella a lot larger than general umbrella, so can prevent the windy weather wind resistance is too big. 2. Protect the player and the ball package does not get wet in the rain, in general the golf umbrella must have uv protection and water function, waterproof not only golf umbrella. Is ping golf umbrella will be larger than we normally reside. Golf often activities in the rain or sun, so an umbrella or a parasol is important. 3. Golf will have some special umbrella, in order to protect people and clubs. Some are square, in order not to affect the line of sight and swing. 4. Is to defend the ultraviolet ray special golf umbrella ~ ~ ~ commonly used wind ~ ~ golf umbrella in the rain on the golf course, because of playing golf in the outdoor, with the wind, design into two layers of umbrella, the two layers can leak, among, the umbrella is easier to take. Actually now in other places also began to use the golf umbrella, hotel reception of the golf umbrella which brand is good? Of the more popular is Mr. Callaway, PING etc. If you don't want to be the size of Logo, can consider to buy GOLFINO, high quality golf umbrella about how to choose? If it's a special golf umbrella, umbrella do umbrella surface, are standard, such as umbrella dry non-conductive ( Lightning protection, the thunderstorm days is, of course, prohibit to play) , the umbrella surface uv protection, and other functions. Recently popular is fresh, can let the wind through, to reduce the wind, the difficulty of control. I suggest to buy a famous brand of umbrella, good quality can make you feel content is worth somewhat, umbrellas, bags, clothing and stem. Golf is special stores can buy.
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