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The advantage of rainbow rainbow umbrella, umbrella, the use of the rainbow umbrella, rainbow umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-29
Rainbow umbrella 'mom, you said to accompany me to see the rainbow. 'In the dark damp from the basement of weak cry, it's a rainy night, cold nights. Girl huddled in the corner of the basement, there is no light, there is no warm. The girl is wearing a white shirt, hold on to yourself sitting in the cold ground, cold white shirt stained with dust. The girl's face not unique to seven or eight years old girl is ruddy. Lost only through the window a moonlight seems very helpless. Like the abandoned child, like the little match girl in the moonlight of missing, in the cold night, no match, only the crystal tears in falling drop by drop, mixed with gray. Annatto that paint doors, showing its old already, piece by piece fell away to paint, scar, like rotten apples, like burning cheek, so disgusting, so disgusting, so let a person dare not near. Moss under the rainwater flowing, filled with one side of the door, door adornment point for color, mottled red suffocating in the night. House, a small wooden bed, some poor thin quilt. A full black spot under the pillow leans on the man's shoulder 'xiaoping ah, is also a rainy night. 'The man was quite red nose. It is easy to let a person remember the circus clown, people in the play with laughter. The rain tick, the door of the old e. i. e. i. ! ! ! ! The night _ into sleep, leave the sadness is wanton spread of alone. Don't be to have no memory, is the memory. 'Rainy night, I hate the rainy night. Why are you in pain! Man to throw the bottle on the ground, a sound of breaking glass, and is also a thick of a lot more heart broken voice again, so clear, so simply. The girl lifted his head, looking at the dark ceiling, heavy terrible. In the mind have the blame. 'Mom, you said you won't let me cold. 'The girl sitting on the ground, holding the leg fell asleep. Girls like to be swallowed up by a black dark and quiet! The girl alone for seven years, she is eager to friends and mother's arms. Dad is very brilliant very bright smile that even that could not have a hand in hand for a walk. After she didn't understand why the rainy night, my father started to become weak and old. Autumn is a rainy season, live in the south they accidentally will meet the flood, ruined the crops, the person also ruined! Man standing in a family of light, tracing back the tears and quickly gone wipe off, stagger walked past. Open the umbrella. 'Wow,' rainbow girl carried the beginning shouted 'look' o father, is the rainbow man looked up and hang it on his head the rainbow 'mom? 'The girl looked at the man. 'O mother! 'Here,' the man pointed to the rainbow, you mom says she is a rainbow, to all people happiness, she would look at you every day, but only in the sunny day after the rain you will see her in the sky! She will be waiting for you, daddy. '' mother good great ah, I also want to bring all happiness like a mother. 'The girl said to jump on the arms of the father. Rainbow umbrellas in the moonlight night sky. Sometimes only a lie can replace all!
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