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The advantages of reverse umbrella, umbrella, in the rainy day, when you open and close inverted umbrella, will be bright and blind the eyes of all!

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-31
Let's start from the following two German Happy Rain real manufacturers, about this style can help to you: 'reverse not sliding sideways' unique petals type reverse help, you are malicious can Rain infiltration come in. Important files into wetland board wet? From haven't those vexed thing here is basic it the bling bling features that show with all of you, in fact it was originally designed for people to drive a inverted umbrella, umbrella inside and outside surface layer three overlapping, the seepage water, prevent jabs, prevent sliding sideways, can do is quite annoyed levels. 'With a jilt dry' high density water impact resistance cloth a jilt dry, rain not to wet glass fiber umbrella lightsome, storms have tenacity, zha winds more malicious heart more swing! Inverted umbrella are quite popular in China at present, mainly reflected in: first, traditional umbrella umbrella needs large space, get in the car before you accept an umbrella, wet before get on the bus; Second, the rain drops everywhere, in indoor constant dripping umbrella end, more will be wet the car chair cushion; Third, from easy to blow against during the storm, people soon wet. On a rainy day to drive, get on the bus and get off the bus is always wet, inverted umbrella dealt with this question is very good. It will be all the umbrella and folding method completely upside down, made from above in the outside, umbrella for open, so that let the wind blow over the umbrella becomes impossible, at the same time also can firmly on the ground directly, after folded and covered with rain side of permanent will not wet clothes! Now in the market of the inverted umbrella also is less, also made less, inverted umbrella have Europe type double, has Japanese single, european-style double-decker invisible skeleton, 2 type of inverted umbrella skeleton in umbrella above the surface, is to be able to see the skeleton belong to reverse umbrella in Germany, there are two more well-known brands, is a happy rain, another name is kazbrella. Advantages of inverted umbrella: ordinary umbrella in furled will rain, ground but Kazbrella is completely different, it will rain collected an umbrella inside. Another umbrella rack stamp passers-by head and problem is solved, because this umbrella is not opened from below, it was open on it. Kazim said that the new design means that the user once put away your umbrella, you can stay dry for a long period of time in the whole, but also can avoid injury in the strong wind. Reverse umbrella drawback: umbrella the disadvantages of the estimate is very concerned about rainy days I get by never see others put the wet clothes wet with the clothes will be embarrassing each other. Met irresponsible manufacturers product umbrella is not strong, the umbrella surface texture thin, block rain area is lesser, breeze blow volume easy to shake.
Collectively, the effect of straight umbrella on industrial society has been to eliminate custom umbrella manufacturer and drastically reduce the time long associated with custom umbrella manufacturer.
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