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The benefits of reverse umbrella, umbrella, inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella let you follow one's inclinations, the rainy season

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-30
Summer is follow one's inclinations of the season, playing enough high temperature warning, followed by thunderstorms. Go out in the morning thinking of 'I have a umbrella in hand, the world', but in the end still was caught in the rain is falling dog soup. In the face of the sudden rainstorm, want to be in a crowded handsome agile launch out one day, it is impossible. 。 。 When boarding, meimei wants to settle down, don't get wet in the rain an umbrella/closed gracefully, seemingly only a nice wish. 。 。 Even if narrowly escaped ten thousand kind of let a person get wet, also hide not to close an umbrella after dripping all the way, making a small pond. 。 。 Hey ╮ ( ╯▽╰) ╭ next how rain so hurt! Fortunately, we found that the creative car straight shank inverted umbrella! Reverse the umbrella design for thousands of years, perfectly solve the problem of all wet! A reverse umbrella broken rain predicament [ Reverse in the open and closed, in contrast to the traditional umbrella, umbrella is like the flowers in full bloom] As long as there is a little bit of gap, can easily open/closed. The most beautiful not rainy day, is my umbrella get on the bus but didn't get wet! Curl, the umbrella of the rest of the water because the reverse curl has firmly locked inside the umbrella, wet clothes and seat don't have to worry about. When taking public transportation, also can greatly avoid the embarrassment of ceng on other passengers. Strong practical umbrella skeleton: strong glass fiber umbrella, not easy to break, also not easy to rust. Double deck cloth caress: selection of 190 t double hydrophobic fabrics, lotus leaf effect, light and water, a jilt namely dry neat! Inner vents: intimate design laser vent, in the face of strong wind more reliable, decomposition pressure, strengthen the wind resistance Buff, the artifact is a challenge to tempests. With eight legs solid support, inverted umbrella don't have to rely on a wall, can be directly set on the plane. No place to hang the umbrella? That doesn't exist. So cool and practical inverted umbrella, also very convenient to use. A button automatically open, one hand gently towards the agile and quick drying, make wind rain your sole show from now on. More powerful rain gear, easily through the storm season in addition to a pretend bility full reverse umbrella, there is more to rain gear can help you calm after the rainy season. Select more rainy season come city yi xin and have a look
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