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The benefits of reverse umbrella, umbrella, umbrella industry in shenzhen, all inverted umbrella popularization

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-14
Have you heard of inverted umbrella? Do you know about inverted umbrella? Let me show you know about the umbrella. History over 2500 years ago, in accordance with the pavilion in the ruban wife invented the umbrella shape, in long since two thousand, the umbrella has been the indispensable necessities in the human life. Fast forward the sun is like a boat, the appearance and function of umbrella also changed with each passing day. From simple umbrella to sunshade, from the oiled paper umbrella to folding umbrella, double umbrella, as needed for human life, the families of the umbrella is also growing. But in the usual daily life, the traditional umbrella will still bring a lot of inconvenience. Do you have an umbrella is still wet by rain shoes? Do you still in trouble for how to put the wet umbrella? Since joining the new umbrella innovation elements, for us to solve a lot of troubles on rainy days, yes it is all the rage of inverted umbrella! Inverted umbrella uniqueness lies in his special reverse design, compared with other ordinary umbrella, inverted umbrella has three major advantages, it was also the three major advantages, let this umbrella looks so special! Advantages: umbrellas reverse design, in when you receive the umbrella, to face the outer wet umbrella fold tucked inside. Furled, the outer layer of the umbrella lining cloth into clean, so on a rainy day in a crowded subway or bus, when the umbrella met your own or another's clothes, don't have to worry about clothes were wet umbrella awkward situation, make sure the umbrella on the rain does not splash into the body. Advantage 2: furled, loop fasten umbrella, with an umbrella, the rain on the umbrella will be tightly wrapped in layer, not follow the umbrella, pointed to the ground at will. So well solved the problem of the umbrella drop, don't have to worry the umbrella wetland board embarrassing. Three advantages: the umbrella adopt automatic open technology, allows you to save time and effort. Wrap on the umbrella has a close button, are different from ordinary umbrella is inverted umbrella to push pressure, ergonomic design, close fit more effort than ordinary self-opening umbrella. Clever design automatically provide convenience for you. Reduce the time needed for when you receive the umbrella and space. Such a reverse innovation umbrella, not only unique design modelling is novel, but also can bring convenience to our daily life. When the umbrella innovation, from now on and convenient life to open it. To solve our life inconvenience due to an umbrella on a rainy day. Umbrella here, are you a bit of a heartache, also want to have a so easy novel inverted umbrella! Then we will recommend a professional umbrella of choose and buy platform: city yi xin. Yi xin is a professional umbrella manufacturer, located in the guangdong company has brought together nearly thousand umbrella and supply companies, all kinds of the new wing, more important is: quality assured! Want to buy good style, good quality umbrellas at the yi xin will go to the city buy! ! ! ! With me into the city yi xin feeling of choose and buy!
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