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The chameleon, color changing mugs, color changing umbrella, discoloration is to change it to you

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-03
The chameleon is a very rare reptile, not strange but very few people saw it, mainly appear in the forests and savannas, some are in the mountains, rare in a cold place. Chameleon skin color as the background and the temperature and the change with the change of the mood, some male chameleons will camouflage become dark bright color, used to warn other chameleon leave their territories; Some chameleon will will be green to red to frighten the enemy, the purpose is to better protect themselves, from other attacks, to survive. Color glass, also known as magic glass, in pour into hot or cold water in the cup, the cup body will change color, before have no color can be black, yellow, green, red, blue, etc can be designed into surface discoloration cup, color changing mugs is divided into hot color changing cup and cold color glass. Hot color changing mugs is change color when more than 40 ℃, cold color changing cup will happen at 20 ℃ below color is changed, the principle is: thermal printing on cup body material, the material belongs to the thermal material, resistance to temperature 320 ℃, non-toxic, lead-free, no chrome all can meet European standards. Color changing umbrella is nearly two years more fire products of a kind of life, especially in the rainy season, with an umbrella, so ordinary umbrella no features, and in a color umbrella walking in the crowd, is also a scenery. The principle of color changing umbrella has 3 kinds, respectively is 1, photosensitive color principle: use sunlight to control the color change. 2, luminous light-emitting materials: absorption store any light, and the glow in the dark. 3, moisture change color: color changing umbrella before white water-based ink, water can be turned into other colors. Today is mainly said sense of wet color, because the umbrella or more on a rainy day. With such a color umbrella, walking in the crowd is not the same feeling, because of his umbrella, unlike others, where a lot of people won't because the same umbrella and umbrella by mistake
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