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The difference between golf umbrella and ordinary umbrella

The difference between golf umbrella and ordinary umbrella


We all know that there is no obvious difference in appearance between golf umbrellas and ordinary umbrellas, but if we understand them in detail, there will still be big differences. So what is the difference? Let's learn more about the special features of golf umbrellas

The characteristics of golf umbrellas are large, and the normal specifications are between 25 inches and 32 inches. As more people understand that this umbrella is good in quality, beautiful in appearance, and good in shading and rain protection, golf umbrellas have gradually become popular, and high-end hotels, high-end clubs, and high-end residential villas have also begun to use them in large numbers.

golf umbrella.png

The selection of materials for golf umbrellas is often more sophisticated. Umbrella frames are mostly made of all-fiber synthetic materials (alloy materials are also used), and the unique toughness of the fiber umbrella frame makes the umbrella not easily broken by strong winds.

However, there are also some considerations from the perspective of cost. The use of grooved bone (iron) or round bone (iron) often breaks after a short time. Normally, we do not recommend customers to use it.

golf umbrella bone

The fabrics of golf umbrellas mostly use special fabrics for mid-to-high grade umbrellas, mainly nylon cloth and PG cloth. Umbrellas made of such fabrics often have a flat surface. After being exposed to rain, water drops quickly fall off. Nylon cloth feels more ice and slippery, the color is more gorgeous, and the gorgeous color is pleasing to the eye. PG cloth (also often referred to as impact cloth) feels soft and has a very high texture. It is unpretentious and makes people feel stable and generous.

golf umbrella fabric.png

Most golf umbrella handles are made of EVA (commonly known as sponge). This handle feels good, soft and comfortable. The disadvantage is that if it is not dried in time after being damp, it is prone to white mold. There are also plastic umbrella handles or wooden umbrella handles, but it is best to match with a rubber handle (the cost will be 2-3 yuan/piece), which is moderately soft and hard, and it feels more comfortable to hold in the hand than the aforementioned handles. 

Golf umbrella handle

There are many styles of golf umbrellas. The most common ones are straight hand-opening golf umbrellas, straight automatic golf umbrellas, and two-fold self-opening golf umbrellas. Because the umbrellas are large, they tend to be more driving. After a strong wind, the strength is lower. Yes, it is often unstable and more and more user-friendly design. This problem has been better solved. The golf umbrella surface has been improved. The common practice is to make the umbrella surface into a double layer, and the lower layer The top of the umbrella surface is vented, and then the upper layer is covered on the lower layer, which is larger than the ventilation hole and just covers it. The upper and lower layers are stitched with a small amount of needlework. During normal use, rain cannot enter the inside of the umbrella. When it came over, the top of the surplus was drained out.

There is another approach that has similarities and similarities with other methods. Simply make the umbrella stand into a double layer, which is a bit like a Chinese pavilion. The wind can pass but the rain can't get in.

So what is the main difference? Let us understand

1. The surface of the ordinary umbrella is single-layer, while the umbrella surface of the golf umbrella is either single-layer or double-layered, and most of them are double-layered. A wind venting groove is formed between the two layers of the umbrella surface and the umbrella rib of the golf umbrella, which can effectively resist strong wind and is not easy to turn the umbrella.

2. The golf umbrella has a large umbrella surface, the materials used are more exquisite, the umbrella bone is tough and not easy to break, and the relative cost is also high.

Of course, golf umbrellas can be used to shade as well as rain, but generally we don’t call golf umbrellas "sunny umbrellas", and umbrellas called "sunny umbrellas" generally do not have the ability to satisfy golf. The above characteristics required for sports.

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