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The difference between the golf umbrella and with common umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-06-22
The difference between the golf umbrella and with ordinary umbrella we can often in the golf club, racing to see it, the most obvious feature of the golf umbrella is big, can be said to be to get in the hands of the largest umbrella, are 25 inches - normal specifications 32 inches. As more people know the quality of this umbrella, appearance is very beautiful and easy, effective shade rain, etc, the golf umbrella gradually becomes widespread, high-grade hotels, upscale clubs, high-grade residential villas and also started a large number of USES. Golf umbrella, material is more elegant. Umbrella skeleton in synthetic material, the fiber characteristic toughness, fiber umbrella stand guarantee an umbrella will not be winds to blow off light night. But there are some standing in cost point of view, the use of bone or bone, often not take long before, umbrella will be broken, normally we do not recommend that customers use. Golf umbrella fabric choose middle-grade umbrellas more special fabrics, the main ingredients: there are 190 silver nylon tape and 190 pg cloth, adopting such fabrics, make umbrella umbrella with smooth surface, rain, after the rain drops down soon. Nylon 190 silver tape has the function of uv filters for you sorching summer heat, gorgeous color, make people feast for the eyes. 190 pg cloth ( And is often referred to as touch juice cloth) Feel soft, have qualitative feeling very much, it is plain, let a person feel very sedate and easy. The golf umbrella handle choose EVA (more Commonly known as sponge) , this handle feel is good, shortcomings is after be affected with damp be affected with damp, if not timely dry, easy to generate white mold. Have made plastic handle or wood handle, but the best match on the rubber handle, The cost would be higher 2 - 3 yuan/a) , very hard and soft moderate, hold in your hand is very comfortable. Golf umbrella, now design also is very much, most often seen in a straight rod hand open golf umbrella, straight rod automatically golf umbrella, there are twenty percent since the open golf umbrella, etc. , due to the large umbrella, very often, after a gust of wind, strength is smaller, often with instability, more and more humanized design, will be better solved the puzzle. Made some improvement on the golf umbrella, common practice is to put the umbrella flour, double layer, the layer below the top surface void, umbrella, and then on a layer above cover a layer above, below than leak hole, just cover, upper and lower two layers of a small amount of suture needle and thread, normal use, the rain into not to an umbrella, and when the wind is blowing, surplus void, top row out. There is a kind of practice is similar with these methods, simply turn into double umbrella stand, a bit like a Chinese pavilion, the wind to the past, the rain can't come in. Sometimes really for these good ideas. Golf umbrella with ordinary umbrella difference analysis of 1, ordinary umbrella umbrella surface is single, encounter windy day is easier to turn the umbrella; And golf umbrella umbrella surface is double layer, two layer formed between the umbrella and umbrella drainage trough wind, can there be than the wind, not easy to turn an umbrella. 2, golf umbrella, umbrella surface is bigger, material is very exquisite, umbrella tough is not easy to broken, relative cost is higher. Golf umbrella, of course, can be used to shade can also be used to block rain, but we don't usually call golf umbrella 'umbrella', but is referred to as 'umbrella' umbrella is generally do not have to meet the need of golf above characteristics.
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