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The fan umbrella, creative umbrella, fan umbrella - — Tide is, how do you see

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-12
Recent days a scorching sun, in a short time and torrential rain, the air is very dull, we go out to walk on the road, at the top of the tree branch tireless cicadas, more hot, the temperature is really more and more high, the sun more sun, a second look at or before the sun was, next second perhaps rain cats and dogs, so go out must prepare an umbrella. We developed the creativity fan umbrella umbrella, many customers friend say is good, the most certain: it is nice to creativity, holding the umbrella was too hot, can open the fan blowing, feel the wind not to force, can also be connected to water bottle directly into a spray. Wow in this hot summer, we stand under the umbrella can so cool ~ like this view, the prospect of the fan umbrella or with great potential, then I make a brief introduction of the fan umbrella. Fan umbrella components of umbrella + white gauze fan piece + + umbrella cloth, umbrella cloth, etc. , using glass fiber from material, toughness, super strong wind rain also ok, umbrella cloth cloth is high-grade lighting strike vinyl UV treatment, to large extent cut off 99% of the ultraviolet ray, don't have to worry about sunburn in summer. Operation using the following diagram: fan umbrella do you think? Like to come and consultation
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