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The golf umbrella, golf, a umbrella in hand, all I have

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-01
Golf umbrella movement to golf umbrella is more and more air movement, and the umbrella is enough big, play in the outdoor, travel is very applicable. Although golf umbrella looks be like simple, but the build quality is very exquisite, such as the size of the golf umbrella, generally the size of the golf umbrella in 27 inches, 30 inches, 32 inch, the umbrella is enough big, 3 people at the same time hold an umbrella to shelter. Cloth, umbrella cloth for high density commonly lighting strike lightsome repellent no residues, suitable for gale heavy rain weather, golf umbrella generally do two layers of umbrella cloth, leave gaps among them, the outside rain into don't go, the wind to go down the space inside, this is the secret of golf umbrella rain don't drive. Umbrella rods are in the glass fiber material, toughness, good light weight does not rust, long service life, it is a high grade in the golf umbrella umbrella rod of choice, some poor golf umbrella on the market often choose the iron, the material of steel, six months or a year will rust can't use. Golf umbrella now not only used in golf course, or any other club in the life, hotels, clubs, such as some high-grade villas, real estate sales department also often can see the figure of it, and some insurance companies, financial center to use it to present to the customer, one can add their own fame, two rain can give customers, fully staffed. Heard that there is a factory specializing in the production of umbrellas in, pay attention to quality and customer service attitude, unanimously praised by the industry, and golf and 4 s shop for a long time, real estate, the upscale office, hotel cooperation, to provide better higher levels of umbrella custom services.
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