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The inverted umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, umbrella species do you know

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-19
Umbrella this item can be said to be the hands, it go to which, sunny rays to use, rainy day, don't get wet body. Online search umbrella will have a lot of shows, in the face of so much how to choose? The knowledge of the umbrella you know? Umbrella: the ancient times have used ( In ancient times the umbrella is a symbol of Kings and princes, dignitaries power) , along with the social needs has become an indispensable things in life, in literature and the stage is not the lack of it. Cultural implication: more deduced umbrella cultural essence of 'love'. ( Love of family, love life, love of nature) 。 Type: thirty percent, reverse umbrella, umbrella pencil umbrella, advertising umbrella, etc. , and appearance, craft is also different. Umbrella: thirty percent response name can fold the Triassic, accounts for a few places, easy to open a reverse umbrella: subvert the traditional design, do reverse umbrella, don't have to worry about when using wet a man's umbrella surface wet clothes pencil umbrella: although umbrella like pencil thickness, use rise to wind) Advertising umbrella: as a new advertisement carrier, has the very good publicity effect, and its pattern design is not restricted material: cloth ( Touch of fabric, the whole silver silver fiber tape, pearl cloth, nylon cloth, plain cloth) The umbrella ( Black, white, osseous bone, steel aluminum, iron, bone bone automatic fiber) 。 Size: 19 inch, 21 inch, 23, 27 inches, 29, 30 inches. Maintenance: first, learn the correct way of using the umbrella, it can not be used as a crutch or weapons, can't take an umbrella to pick items; Should shake before two, umbrellas umbrella, straight umbrella, slowly open, can prevent the fracture; Three, use complete with water, dry in ventilation places should get further deposit; Fourth, avoid in high temperature, prevent deformation. It is possible to buy an umbrella to yi xin, I want to know more information, consult yi xin customer service
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