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The 'palm leaf fan' in the fan umbrella, umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-11
Hot summer has came to our side, every day is very hot. Miss sisters go out shopping with a sunshade, but too high temperature sometimes umbrella is useless. Sometimes I often wonder if umbrella can blow. You now have such a product to solve the problem! It is the fan umbrella! Fan umbrella words in traditional added a small fan on my umbrella umbrella, and umbrella cloth is the selecting of 190 t touch information and shading black tape, in addition to keep out ultraviolet ray also can shading. Coupled with the fan blowing wind let you feel hot in the hot summer. The lower part of the fan will have a layer of protective gauze, it is mainly designed to prevent the hair into the inside, it is with humanized design. Fan umbrella is a research and development of new products last year, his presence sent summer afraid of hot people don't have to worry about the heat.
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