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The patron saint of uv protection umbrella, summer travel

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-07-16
The hot sun hot summer, the beautiful MM travel will be coated with a thick covering of sunscreen on the face, but still don't feel at ease, worried about the strong ultraviolet ray can harm the skin, will own maintenance face in the dark, dark tan. 。 。 。 。 。 In this way, thed loss outweights the gain. How to do? Don't be afraid of, can take a uv protection umbrella travel, everything can solve! City yi xin 'sunshade sun shield' technology research and development of 'is for' sun '' the purple line' put forward by the two fields: the technology used in cloth on the unique technology, anti-uv UPF 50 or more, prevent bask in reached 90%, and add thick rubber can make effective cooling umbrella, umbrella with 15 ℃ temperature difference of cool and refreshing. If you have a parasol, let your summer travel no longer has the worry, your summer travel is a good helper, is the patron saint of you! City yi xin specializing in the production of various specifications of the umbrella, umbrella design can customize according to the design draft of the guests, welcome to consult
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