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The principle of color changing umbrella, no, no, no, the rainy season because of the color changing umbrella and more colorful

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-09-12
Summer, just the blue sky white cloud, clear, in a flash may become cloudy, it was raining heavily, give a person a kind of depressive sense, umbrella is indispensable to the rainy season, but today want to say is not the general umbrella umbrella, umbrella is a can change your mood, let you rainy days not suppress color umbrella. The trembles of the umbrella at the time of drying pattern is white, but it will start to change color after it wet water, and not only will become a kind of color, can change N colors oh, isn't it special? Many users have commented that: 'absolutely not too the United States, on a rainy day to lead absolute 100%', 'good creative umbrella, where some sell', there are also some comparative love net friend asked: 'what is the principle of the color changing umbrella? ', 'the effect of the color changing umbrella can be continued, the service life is how long? 'There are some comparison pay attention to safety and health of the net friend asked:' the color changing umbrella will not have any harm to human body? 'Let me to answer these questions one by one, the first is the umbrella where to have sell? Ha ha, I don't puff, color changing umbrella is very common now, actually you search on the net. What is the principle of the color changing umbrella? Here I can tell you, this can change color umbrella under the influence of water mainly depends on a kind of special inks, his use of screen printing process make it change color effect. So the effect of the color changing umbrella can be continued, service life is how long? Many friends worry about a few times of rain, there is no effect, but that doesn't exist, drying pattern is white, the water is color, after dry back white pattern, rain and discoloration, cycling infinite number of times, the effect of the color change will not change. The color changing umbrella will have what harm to human body? First of all, the special ink is used without excitant odour ink environmental protection free from contamination, does not exist a harm to human body, and an umbrella as the tool of the sun rain, it is difficult to cause damage to human body, so the concern is not exist. Speaking of which, you know more about the for color umbrella?
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