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The principle of reverse umbrella, umbrella do you really know

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-14
Inverted umbrella presumably everyone not unfamiliar, often on the subway or bus to see it. But his actual application principle: do you really know? There are three characteristics of inverted umbrella, firstly, the conventional umbrella only single umbrella, umbrella, umbrella next, inverted umbrella has two layers of umbrella, umbrella bag in the middle second, conventional umbrellas are opening next outward open, inverted umbrella is opening up open from inside to outside. Third, regular umbrella need wall support or hooks to put, but everywhere inverted umbrella stand. Said the principle of inverted umbrella is not deep, deep shallow not shallow, the key is the idea, let a person simply astounding. 's most amazing is the inverted umbrella umbrella, reverse design revolution ushered in a new umbrella, umbrella all fiber material, increase its toughness, let he can reach the effect of different charge. And double package umbrella, umbrella cloth umbrella accept wet side will change into it, and dry on each side, so you don't have to worry about wet wet passers-by clothes a man's umbrella. Inverted umbrella design can say is very innovative, it is no wonder that can let everybody talking.
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