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The slap large vinyl umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-31
Believe we all girls have a lot of a bag, single shoulder shoulders big small, convenient in the tie-in and different style of clothes when you go out. Mobile phones, paper, cosmetics, umbrella, etc. These basic are girls go out essential items, with the umbrella is prevented bask in the rain will, its so-called big backpack can hold. But want to back a parcel out, these things will not fit. Umbrella is too big and a little heavy, plus a variety of goods, every day is a struggle to go out, not to mention a sweat tired, these should be most girls have had trouble? Yi xin recently launched the vinyl super mini umbrella, perfect solution let's go out of trouble. This is the size of the palm of your hand, and the weight of the apple, designed for small package of umbrella! The perfect hiding in the bag, let you free travel easily without pressure. This umbrella is small, but the experience is very good. After receive the volume of the tiny, but after opening diameter is as big as other traditional umbrella, umbrella with the reinforcement of aluminum alloy, flexible solid. In addition to the light and small, block rain shade technology also is very elegant. Screening high density clattering super waterproof cloth and vinyl coating with high density, prevent bask in effect are sexy. Sunny days and rainy days more care to you! Yi xin in the impression of consumers has been a focus on high-grade umbrella, designed the umbrella is also popular among more people.
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