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The standard of children umbrella, children umbrella, children umbrella can't see not used

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-08
Recently, a company in nanjing for umbrellas do not conform to the requirements of the national standards, safety, design for recalled more than 600 the problem child's umbrella. According to recall umbrellas, products for the cartoon fabrics, umbrella handles for metal, cap and hand handle are plastic material, the child's umbrella umbrella cap height exceeds bid, umbrella into the depth of the tail and combination fastness is not enough, the decoration design and product label on the handle, warnings are not qualified. So what is the standard of umbrellas? What will you pay attention to umbrellas? Can be seen from the case just: 1. Umbrella cap height exceeds bid, umbrella cap height shall not be greater than 50 mm, otherwise there will be a long umbrella hat hurt children's safety. 2. Umbrella into the depth of the tail, shall not be less than 15 mm, a light fastness is not enough, bead tail is easy to pull out the long sharp umbrella is easy to hurt children. 3. Decorations should be warnings on the umbrella handle, after a certain power off after the whistle and other decorations on the handle without appropriate warnings, mistakenly swallow children can cause choking. So although umbrellas made up is very simple, but can not be careless, any details we can not ignore, not to discredit umbrella brand, but also harm the flowers of the motherland is easy. The company specializes in customized umbrellas, golf umbrella, folding umbrella, umbrella, there is a problem please consult quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD
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