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The structure of the reverse umbrella, umbrella, the design of the inverted umbrella, inverted umbrella you met? Resistant to wet the magic umbrella!

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-13
Umbrella, believe that are indispensable in every place. From study to work, greatly small umbrella with estimates also countless. We used an umbrella will bring some unnecessary trouble: school, entered the school put the umbrella, the rain dripping all over the classroom, the day was spent in a wet environment. A crowded into the bus, the umbrella will get others everywhere is water damage. Especially when the storm, shortly before the typhoon warning, how many people are there in the umbrella by wind turn, fold umbrella stand directly. Then covered in mess. Today, however, to recommend an artifact - — Inverted umbrella first of all, let everybody know about the structure of inverted umbrella: lotus type when its umbrella, umbrella stand hexagonal, use double deck glass fiber material, concave - don't fall apart! In order to increase its robustness, the structure of the umbrella is designed special padmasana, let wind power bonus bonus! Not watermelon umbrella umbrella pole for rare hexagonal, and selects the electric iron as the material, so strong a cinch, relentless rust and not easy to suffer from years. Umbrella surface is, of course, needless to say, it is double touch attack cloth with high density, can prevent water balance UV resistant, rainy or burning sun pawn, could give thoughtful protection. The inverted umbrella in the umbrella handle also has a button, but it and general umbrella open and close direction is opposite. Press the switch button of the hands, umbrella can be closed for an instant, the rain of the bread, avoid wet clothes or other objects. Air circle hole inner umbrella surface is used to reduce the umbrella fold resistance, increase the permeability at the same time, don't let both inside and outside the two layers of umbrella cloth glued together. This umbrella and the function of 'prophet' oh! Because the umbrella embedded in a series of sensors, it can read the local, including humidity, temperature, pressure, and photometric data. Through these information, can predict whether it will rain, if there is a high probability, users can receive rain remind information in mobile applications. In order to help some people throw the umbrella habit, this umbrella it has its special loss prevention function, when the user mobile phone and the umbrella distance is far, the user will receive 'don't leave me' information awareness, and can use the mobile application view to the umbrella last synchronization position. Jenan Kazim before retirement is an aerospace engineer, he has the defects of traditional umbrella, a 61 - year - old is very uncomfortable, so he decided to transform human umbrella design for more than 3000 years. KAZbrella inverted umbrella groundbreaking with the method of reverse opening and closing, create a new state of the umbrella. What is a 'reverse opening and closing'? Is actually an umbrella open method is just the opposite with the traditional umbrella, but shrinking, umbrella layer ( The dry layer) Will contact with outside, will be in the side of the rain, but also because this clever way of contract, where there are a lot of people, also won't rub to others. KAZbrella because reverse accept the design of the umbrella, accept or umbrella after dry layer in the surface measurement, the side into the inside contact water, rainwater is live, don't have to worry about the rain four sprinkle everywhere. If you still worry about the rain from the umbrella tail overflow, so umbrella upside down, the water will temporarily put on, avoid overflows. It is because of dry layer on the side, wetting layer inside, so don't like traditional umbrella, wet umbrella surface wet everywhere, store and can move easily to carry. The reverse design, can make a stand KAZbrella, no wall, put it into the room with a artifact - — Inverted umbrella, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding!
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