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The 'two sides needle in rain and umbrella, umbrella'

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-28
90 after the two sides friends all know basic needle toothpaste, advertising the lines inside there is a 'lowering' while fragrance. For in life, we often use an umbrella, is also has the 'two sides'. Especially the girl with the umbrella. Most of the umbrella umbrella cloth material just use ordinary umbrella cloth to do, but now many high-grade umbrella brand basic requirements in addition to rain also need sunscreen function! This is the rain and umbrella! Umbrella is so called by people, because it's umbrella cloth, except for the waterproof coating is a layer of uv coating, is to achieve the purpose of prevent ultraviolet sunburn. It is sunny or rainy amphibious umbrella, it can also be referred to as the 'needle' on both sides of the umbrella. Umbrella prevent bask in effect depends on its coating, behind the slowly with you friend, umbrella want to learn more about knowledge or custom umbrella friend, oh can contact quanzhou yi xin trading co. , LTD.
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