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The use and choice of outdoor backpack water bag? I'll understand after reading it

The use and choice of outdoor backpack water bag? I'll understand after reading it


The outdoor water bag is made of non-toxic, odorless, transparent, soft latex or polyethylene injection molding, which is convenient for us to drink water when doing outdoor sports such as mountaineering, cycling, and hiking.

 Advantages of outdoor water bag

First, the outdoor water bag can replenish small amounts of water several times in time. Everyone knows that you can't drink at once during exercise, because drinking a lot of water in an instant can easily cause a huge burden on the heart. Scientific research has found that the best way to replenish water during exercise is to drink moderate amounts of water every 15-20 minutes. However, if a traditional water bottle is used to fill water, it is difficult to guarantee this frequency. 

Because you have to stop, take out the water bottle, open the lid, take a sip, screw on the lid, and take it back. This series of actions must be repeated every 15-20 minutes. I think most people can't hold on. The water bag makes drinking water easy at this point. Every 15 minutes, take a sip from the hose. Convenient, and control the amount of drinking water.

Second, the outdoor water bag can be deformed at will, which is relatively more space-saving. Since water bottles are generally cylindrical or square-pillar, it is easy to form gaps between them when they are placed together with other objects. The water bag can be deformed so that it can be completely filled and fit with the surrounding environment, which can give your backpack a considerable amount of storage space.

Third, the outdoor water bag is not afraid of squeezing. Of course, the water bag is of high quality. It is not afraid of squeezing, not afraid of bumps, not like a kettle. The paint will fall off at every turn.


Fourth, the outdoor water bag has very little peculiar smell, and it is not afraid of corrosion, so you can safely put a variety of juice acidic beverages.

Fifth, the outdoor water bag hardly occupies any place when not in use, and the empty water bag can be squashed. Tucked in any corner of the backpack.

Sixth, the water bag can be frozen and will not burst easily. Some water bags are directly designed with a large opening, which is convenient for adding ice cubes.

Seventh, the outdoor water bag can be used as a hanging shower device when necessary. The easiest way is to wrap a water bag filled with water in a black plastic bag, place it in the sun for a period of time, the water will be hot, then hang it high and use the water nozzle to spray water for showering.


How to choose an excellent outdoor water bag

1. Choose non-toxic materials:

Outdoor Water bags are used to hold drinking water, so we must put the safety and non-toxicity of water bags in the first place. Most products use non-toxic and odorless materials, but some inferior products will have a strong plastic smell after long-term storage in water. It is better not to consider such a product.

2. Pay attention to the compressive capacity of the outdoor water bag:

We often need to stack backpacks with water bags for transportation, and sometimes even use backpacks as chairs, cushions, or even pillows. Use a product that is not resistant to stress, and the result will be terrible. You will enjoy a wet outdoor trip.

3. The faucet should be convenient for drinking and airtight:

The faucet of the water bag is very important. It must be easy to open and close, one-handed operation or tooth opening. Similarly, the pressure resistance of the faucet should also be ensured when it is closed. I have seen a depressed water bag from a friend. The faucet is so poorly closed that the water pipe must be tied up every time it is transported. Otherwise, the water will all flow from the faucet after the backpack is stacked.


4. Water inlet:

Obviously, the larger the opening, the easier it is to fill the water. Of course, the larger the corresponding opening, the worse the sealing and pressure resistance. At present, most faucets use a screw-on mouth similar to the lid of an oil drum. In addition, a few hydration bags use a snap-on hydration mouth. Some hydration bags claim to be able to resist the pressure of a car.

5. Hanging ring of outdoor water bag:

Many backpacks have hydration bags, but I suggest that if possible, try to hang the hydration bags. First of all, avoid the hydration bags moving back and forth in the bag, which will increase unnecessary physical exertion. The transfer center will also slightly affect the feeling of carrying.

6. Insulation of outdoor water bag:

An ordinary water bag can usually adapt to the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn. It is more troublesome in the winter when the temperature is very low. The water pipe will freeze, which can be very depressing. But there are also high-quality water bags that can be used in winter without being frozen, you can pay attention to the relevant parameters when you buy

outdoor water bag

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