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The usefulness of rainbow rainbow umbrella, umbrella, what is the rainbow umbrella, like the fish live up to the rainbow umbrella

by:YiXin Umbrella     2020-08-29
Like fish live up to the rainbow umbrella at ordinary times, as long as in sunny day, will hold up handfuls of gorgeous sun umbrellas, while in the rainy day will only hold up handfuls of gray, black and blue all kinds of umbrella, is how many drab, though the single boyfriend now, but who will play a colorful umbrella in the rain day, may be only two people or a person in the rainy ( Similar as they, drizzle) , missing each other, it props up a gorgeous seven color umbrella, will light up, let the other party or his heart mood turns ok, romantic is the rainbow after the rain, like a person two people's state of mind. The feelings of indulgence often comes from sunny summer or in the morning, however, all the year round in the time of the morning, just want to the afternoon dusk, time is short, to beauty, to fast. Spring drizzle, is some beautiful beautiful color, often is a time when this is the land of the rainbow, under the light rain permeated through the warmth of the sun, 'reflected the mountains in the field, people hold up an umbrella, the feeling is the rainbow on the umbrella, monotonous color also began to change, I don't think so people hold up the rainbow, but rather an umbrella up own rainbow. The better state of mind, is derived from and personal opinion, have a good attitude about some things, things that will bring a lot of good to you, so we can often contact some good things, articles, and thus can avoid the own life tedious. Went in some beautiful place, there will always be with the aesthetic feeling of joy and excitement, At least I am) Enjoy and look forward to, with the scene, the in the mind is colorful, my mind is blank, says it has fully integrated into the scene. Sigh with emotion, the in the mind is to hold up the beautiful, colorful rainbow umbrella. Have the opportunity to go to the river to see the fish, to be honest, now the fish are not fat, on the sink in the water, I don't even see the fish swimming in the water like a big fat man stolid, people may prefer feeding, lead to obesity, not the appreciation value. I've been to the mountains have seen some beautiful fish in the streams, and transparent fish, as long as a little put tail in the water can be floated in the water of the natural, even water nasty place also is such, ah, it is naturally good, more understanding of the biological fish and water, and their natural way of life. In the morning, probably a little bit more, because the sun glare as well as to how their lives may not be good, although there is a discount in water meter below the rainbow, go to see them. There were some, rainy, I didn't go to for a long time didn't go to the pool to see them in the streams, it is said that fish generally will only in the rainy day, will float on the surface of the water, I sometimes see some variation of the individual, the color is gorgeous, head is very big, there are more transparent and silver, anyway, I was at home with a grey umbrella, feel the mood is not so good. Heart tired, people are more afraid of snakes and the like, long body, naked, very disgusting, disgusting, some poisonous. But take as we can, the snakes don't used to see every day in hot weather when lines now sleep in the side of the road, motionless, with cattle and sheep, dogs, people have no matter, the average person can't see, camouflage, because I was afraid of snakes, so has been down in the grass, they found their comfortable sleeping on the grass, still just a group of people walk on the road, dust fly,,, once found, he dare not to that, so often get home late, before is not from the snake's side, has been looked at him, until he slip away. But it is now don't be afraid of these bugs. Then had said the above, I was in a rainy day, just the day just fine, soft sunshine mixed with some plush drizzle, walked with a silver umbrella,,,, is a fine mist of light rain in the mountains and water, pond has a little bit of water mist, the fish swim in the pond beside the merry, through the soft sunlight, mountainside up to now many long rainbow, and floating in the pond the mist of sunshine also appearing some rainbow, the fish are happy in the water swimming, more like a rainbow alive, well, very fit with the colorful spring scenery, depressed mood is much better, I want to if I walked with a like fish in the streams of the swimming rainbow umbrella more often than just color or color monotone umbrella better mood. Yi xin co. , LTD
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